Body Slimming Fitness Exerciser



1. Very suitable for your abs, arms, legs, calves and thighs.
2. Realize the ideal figure anytime, anywhere.
3. Relieve symptoms to tighten shoulders, waist and back.
4. Low frequency treatment should have rhythm and gentle pulse.
5. Stimulate muscles, burn fat, strengthen muscles, and enhance physical fitness.
6. Low frequency therapy with rhythm and gentle pulse
7. Improve muscle paralysis. Build muscles and stay healthy.
8. Lightweight and portable. You can do strength training in the office, bedroom or wherever you want, not just in the gym.


Material: ABS + diving equipment + silicone
Battery power: USB charging

Standard : 3 hosts + 1 belt + 1 arm + 1 thigh
Power supply mode: USB

Package Content:

As the picture shows

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